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100% Natural

We use 100% all-natural solutions in our foggers.

Immediate Re-Entry Time

After each application, you can immediately enter your lawns and gardens.

100% Effective in 24 Hours

Within 24 hours, mosquitoes and ticks will have vacated the property.

People, Pet, and Plant Friendly

Because our products are 100% natural, they are safe for children, pets, and the environment.

About Our Services

Don’t let mosquitos, ticks, and other insects terrorize your lawn! Our 100% natural mosquito and tick treatment kills and repels mosquitoes and ticks for up to four weeks. It has many benefits, including the following:


People, pet, and plant friendly


Immediate re-entry time


Non-toxic to honeybees and butterflies


No harmful neurotoxins


Protects for up to four weeks


Safely applied to outdoor furniture and structures

Professional Pest Control Services in Wilmington, DE.

Insects We Control


Expert Mosquito Control Services.

Our mosquito deterrent is 100% natural and safe for the environment, In a recent study our product knocked down 100% of both mosquitoes and ticks within 24 hours after application. This outperformed the most popular synthetic insecticides used in the industry.


Professional Flea Control Services in Wilmington, DE.

Our treatments also rid your lawn of fleas and help keep your pets and home parasite-free.


Professional Tick Control Services in Wilmington, DE.

Only 2% of ticks populate lawns, but our control methods will still safely remove them. You can read more helpful information about tick control here.

Our Insect Control Program

Our mosquito and tick treatment is a 6-step program. For $92 per treatment, we’ll provide 6 treatments during crucial months of the year (April, May, June, July, August, and September). We also provide on-call treatments for $119 per treatment. We may charge slightly more for wooded lots.

For more information on how to get actual results from insect control, how our products work, and why we are excited to offer it to you, contact us and schedule a treatment!

Professional Mosquito & Tick Control Services

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