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We use Acelepryn insecticide for grub control which is safe and effective for people, plants, and the environment… But not grubs.

2% Off Lawns Experience Grub Damage

Only 2% of lawns experience grub damage in their lawn. Our Acelepryn treatments stop them in their tracks.

Guaranteed Results

If the issue persists, we’ll persist.

About Our Grub Control

Grubs are the C-shaped larvae of Japanese Beetles that nestle in the soil below the thatch layer and feed on the roots of grass. Left untreated, grubs can wipe out your entire lawn.

Grub control is often over-sold by most lawn care companies. Most lawns will not need grub control, but if you have had grub damage in the past you should definitely consider having it done.

Grub control is like an insurance policy for your lawn. Keep this in mind when making your decision:

  • 20% of our customers will get a grub control
  • 15% will probably need it
  • 5% will not get a grub control and have some form of damage

That being said, if you suspect issues with lawn insects or grubs, we can work with you to identify and stop the issue!

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Why Do We Use Acelepryn?

We use “Acelepryn” insecticide for the control of grubs because:

  • It’s the first and only grub control product that based on acute toxicology testing was not required by the EPA to include a Signal Word on the label. This means there is no known adverse effect on human health!
  • Low impact on non-target organisms including birds, honey bees, fish, and mammals.
  • Classified as reduced risk by the US EPA.
  • 2% will have severe damage. (destruction over more than 50% of the lawn.)

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