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Bermuda Grass can be controlled with numerous treatments of Round-up, but Round-up kills the existing turf around the Bermuda Grass.

An alternative to Round-up is a product called Pylex, although expensive and numerous treatments are required, it is a solution to Bermuda grass without damaging your existing turf.

Bermuda Grass control is 2.5 times the cost of a regular treatment with a minimum charge of $165.
This treatment should be applied 2-3 times during the month of August. This program should be applied 2-3 years in a row for optimal results, up to 90% control or better.*

*Although completely eradicating Bermuda Grass is very difficult, it is possible to get it under control. Reseeding with tall fescue and following a good maintenance program that favors tall fescue and not Bermuda Grass is the key.

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Our Bermuda Grass Mowing Tips

The best way to control Bermuda Grass is by raising the mowing height of cool-season grasses into the “jungle” range because Bermuda Grass can’t tolerate low light. Research has shown that tall fescue can completely kill Bermuda Grass at a mowing height of 4 inches without the use of herbicides. Have you ever seen tall fescue that was really mown at 4 inches? It is a bit shaggy and mowers tend to leave tire tracks for a day or so but your fescue will love you for it. Your fescue will be so happy, it will give you a darker green color, more drought resistance, more disease resistance, and of course, a barrier against weeds that is to die for – if you are a weed. Another way to know that your fescue loves you at a 4-inch mowing height is that it will continue to reach up and try to hug you. In other words, it grows really fast and must be mown more frequently. Cool-season turfgrass managed at the lower end of recommended mowing heights or less will reduce the effectiveness of herbicide controls for Bermuda Grass to such an extent that control is nearly impossible. You must maintain cool-season turfgrass at the upper end of recommended mowing heights if you intend to be successful at controlling Bermuda Grass.
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